Inspirmedia offers may different options for Inspirlink training.
In most cases, our clients are able to begin editing the first day and simply ask questions at the user forums to find answers when they get stumped.  However, in some cases, additional training is required.
ON LOCATION TRAINING:  Inspirmedia will send a trainer to your location and work with your team onsite.  We do not have a maximum number of people who can be trained by this method, but it is most effective to have your more "saavy" users be involved and then they train the rest of your staff as necessary.  Be sure to also ask your Inspirlink representative if you can share training time with another organization in your area.
Half-Day (4hrs.) - $400*
Full-Day (8hrs.) - $600*
*Pricing does not include travel, meals
or lodging which is the responsibility of the client.
@ INSPIRMEDIA TRAINING: If you wish, you can send representatives from your location to our Lincoln, NE offices for training.  An advantage of this can be more one-on-one training and problem solving than can sometimes be offered at your location with a classroom full of people.
Half-Day (4hrs.) - $400
Full-Day (8hrs.) - $600

REAL TIME VIRTUAL TRAINING: Another popular training method is virtual training.  In this situation you can pack a classroom full of people who are watching training on the big screen.  Inspirmedia will train from our location and set up an internet link to your computers.  Voice is handled via a phone call.  The advantage of this is that timing is more flexible and there are no additional travel expenses.  Additionally, training can happen at multiple locations over various time periods.
Price per hour: $95
Additional locations per hour: $25
(1 hour minimum)
WEB-BASED TRAINING: We have produced several training videos that can be found online.  These are Flash based tutorials that cover specific tasks.  Additionally, your support representative may create personalized videos at your request.
Available 24/7: FREE*
* additional cost possibility
for custom videos.

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